Sunday, July 3, 2011


Kenapa ada orang jahat? Sebab ada orang baik. Is tat the only reason why?

1. Arghh...hating all those ppl tat thinking they were like angel and acting like we are fool. Please laa..

2. Hating to admit tat I was there but I was like.....errrr wat happen to Kerteh...wanna sepak je all those ppl.

3. Hating to argue with ppl who don't listen.

4. Hating to talk too much coz at the end there a lot of silly-ness than good-ness, and felt regret, and hate tat feeling too.


1. Love to have peace. Inner peace. Everyone loves it too.

2. Love to hear " Mak su kat mana ni? " I miss them, a LOT, which sometimes miss untuk buat derang menangis kena cubit. Wahahaha.

3. Love to do hobbies which most of the times not doing tat.

4. Love to have someone tat complement me. Hope so.


1. Will this lovely country clean from all those dirty politics?

2. Are they realized that they are destroying future?

3. Who are going to be the heroes? or there is none?

4. Why I hate ppl doing something wrong, which sometimes I did too?

5. Why ppl resistant to change?

6. Why fear if not guilty? unless you did something wrong and you fear to face it. But, its not late to amend even in the half way. We might not able to start a new happy beginning, but we can try to make a happy ending. Right?

7. Why insist to be there unless you make something remarkable and ppl don't see it.

8. Why its hard for you to listen to the crowd, unless you wanna a person whispering to you.

9. Why are you destroying yourself and let us to be destroyed by you? Don't you ever see through the children eyes?

10. Why are you fooling yourself? Is that worth?

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msinsiyur said...

kenapa makchek????
i agree with ur statements "Will this lovely country clean from all those dirty politics?"...<>