Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY.. I love it!!


I've got this friend. A lady. Not lady gaga. A muslimah one. She love pink. You know, pink and lady is a common combination. My ex-roomate in UTP also love pink. From the pencil case, pen, stapler, file, perfume were in pink. Oh, this is not what I'm going to tell. It's about DIY.

You know, DIY - do it yourself.

So this friend of mine is like having a hand of art. She love making craft, doodling but without admitting that she is a creative person. I do see the creativeness that has been gifted to her.

I do love DIY. But I'm impatient with the little thing in art. Like cutting the paper in square, folding the wrap softly. Pheww...

I always getting excited when browsing to crafts and art website where they teach steps on doing the things. And most of the times, it was an easy one like a toddler can make it too. So, do I!!

Usually, I'm doing DIY like assemble a table, chair, fan, toys, shelves. Sound like a man, huh? Haha. Working with large parts is much more easier than working with the smaller one, for me.

But, I'm giving myself a room for developing this patience toward this small and cute crafts because I love it and it's awesome to know that you can do it by yourself rather than buying that cute things at the store.

I am a creative person!!

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